Our Staff
CANYON RIVER RUN Veterinary Clinic was founded with the idea of creating a family friendly hospital that invites your whole family to participate in your pet's veterinary care. Our Staff excels not only in their medical knowledge, but also in providing care for you and your pet.  We are more than willing to take the time needed to explain your pet's condition, discuss options and help make informed decisions that suit your entire family best.


Kirsten Wurzburg, DVM

Dr. Kirsten Wurzburg has been in the veterinary community since she was a teenager, working as a volunteer, assistant and associate at the Animal Health Center in New Village, NJ.  Dr. Wurzburg graduated Magna Cum Laude from  Delaware Valley College in 2003 with a major in Small Animal Science.  She was then accepted to The Ohio State University - School of Veterinary Medicine where she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She started her own clinic in September of 2010.

Dr. Wurzburg enjoys her job immensely.  She finds it fun interacting with patients as well as their owners.  Achieving balance between the medical and emotional well being of pets is rewarding to her. She has three pets at home-Cadeau, a German Shepherd, Brisa a rescue mutt, and Triton a domestic shorthair cat.

Our Support Team

Our veterinary team is knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly and committed to your pet's health care.  They believe in providing personalized attention to the unique concerns of each pet and their owner.  All members of our clinic strive to get your pet the proper care they need.  Our receptionists, technicians and assistants are considered a vital part of your pets' “Care Team".  They have been selected for their skills and positive attitudes, creating a comfortable environment that allows them to do what they do best-care for your pets and ensure the best quality of life for your four-legged friends.  We consider ourselves as part of one big family and extend that invitation to our clients as well.

Mandee        Veterinary Technician/Receptionist

Mandee has been working and volunteering in the veterinary field since she was a teenager. She has many years of experience as a veterinary technician and truly enjoys her job. She really likes the diagnostic aspects of being a technician including- performing and reading fecals, taking x-rays, and performing blood work analyses. Now she also enjoys the interactions with the clients and helping them to feel comfortable with every aspect of our clinic and their pet's needs.  Mandee has always had a passion for working with animals and owns numerous pets. Pedro her Chihuahua; Adolf, Lola, Baby Seal, Babby, and Trooper are her domestic shorthair cats.

Sara           Veterinary Technician

Sara has been working in the veterinary field for many years and has done a tremendous job. After graduating from Northampton veterinary technician program she came to work for Canyon River Run. She definitely has a passion for the job and loves to learn new things every day. She strives for perfection and enjoys getting there. She loves hearing stories the clients tell her about their pets. She has a domestic short hair cat named Chess and two dogs, Gromit a mixed breed and Ruby Roo a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Jackie        Veterinary Technician
Jackie has come back to veterinary medicine after taking a break while raising a family. She has come to love it here at Canyon River Run and really enjoys working with the clients and pets. Treating the pets that come into the office as she would her own is must for her. Always a smile on her face and answers to the questions clients ask. She has made Canyon River Run her second home.

Shannon    Manager/Owner
Shannon has come to our clinic to help it run smoother and make our new building the best that it can be. She works behind the scenes to help manage the day to day details. Also, Shannon has become our main social media advisor and takes care a lot of the sites to keep us up to date and moving on as technology changes. She has become an integral part of our family here.

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