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Come find us at 169 Belview Rd in Phillipsburg!

Welcome to CANYON RIVER RUN Veterinary Clinic

Located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey (Lopatcong Township) the veterinary healthcare professionals at CANYON RIVER RUN Veterinary Clinic are committed to your pet's health.

Dr. Kirsten Wurzburg founded CANYON RIVER RUN Veterinary Clinic in August 2010 with the idea of creating a very family friendly business that invites your whole family to participate in your pet's veterinary care.  We have over 15 years of professional and compassionate care of animals and the people that love them so dearly.  They are more than willing to take the time to explain your pet's health or condition, discuss options and help make informed decisions that suit your entire family.

CANYON RIVER RUN Veterinary Clinic believes that your pet is a member of your family and deserves the best care possible.  Animals can't tell us when they don't feel well.  We know you share a bond with your pet and you have a keen sense of knowing when something is wrong.  Since you know your pet better than anyone, together we can make decisions in your pet's best interest.  Each patient is an individual deserving of our undivided attention.  What works for one pet may not work for another; we always take into consideration treatments may vary depending on age, breed, size and physical condition.

We provide the communities with friendly, informative, and supportive services for their pets while maintaining a superior working environment for our employees.  These services include extensive wellness exams, senior health care and client education, progressive vaccine schedules tailored to the individual, oral health care and prophylaxis,  emergency and critical care during normal business hours, numerous surgeries, pain management and access to various specialists for consults and referrals. With in-house laboratory, radiographs and pharmacy our facility is a one stop for your pet's health and medical care.

Your Pets . . . Our Family!

Clients are welcome:          Monday             9 am  -  7 pm 
                                        Tuesday             9 am  -  5 pm
                                        Wednesday        9 am  -  4 pm  
                                        Thursday           9 am  -  7 pm   
                                        Friday               9 am  -  6 pm

                                        Vacations/Days off 2021:  3/22-3/25, 5/27, 5/28, 5/31, 7/19-7/23, 9/6, 11/25, 11/26

                                        Appointments appreciated

                     Call 908-213-1200 to make an appointment
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